My name is Sarah, the owner of XI LUXX, a women's accessory boutique. It has always been a dream of mine to be a girl boss and to find a way to uplift and motivate women. I have had a love for accessories such as mini handbags and earrings. I have always felt as though a woman's outfit is never complete without the perfect accessories to tie the look together. With that being said I came up with the idea to create XI LUXX. XI LUXX is all about empowering women to look her best and to have that one piece whether it is a mini handbag or earrings that make her feel and look her best. XI LUXX was created with the longing to empower women not just with accessories but also with motivation and praise, making everyone who purchases our pieces feel like she looks good from the inside out. An outfit is never complete without a woman's confidence shining from within. At XI LUXX my purpose is to make sure all of the pieces that we have to offer can make every woman feel beautiful, motivated, and empowered to take on any obstacle she may have to face on her day to day with nothing but pure grace, style, and class.

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