The Peaceful Paw was created out of love for a very special bulldog named Ike who passed away on February 6th 2014. He was 14 years old and a beloved rescue.

Lori Gammon-Megginson, owner and founder of The Peaceful Paw is a native of Charlotte, NC . During the last years of Ike's life, Lori began to incorporate a more holistic approach to Ike's care. It was at this point that Lori became aware of the chemicals and toxins that were in Ike's " top of the line" food and even his pet products. She researched many pet food companies and was surprised to see the many recalls on pet food. She was even more surprised to see so many chemicals in pet products that were supposedly " All- Natural"

The passing of Ike had a huge impact on Lori's life. After his death, she researched more alternative healthcare options for pets, which included animal aromatherapy, the use of essential oils and canine massage. Lori knew the best way to honor Ike was to share her knowledge with other pet parents and The Peaceful Paw was born. Lori decided that after more than 25 years working in the healthcare field as a pediatric nurse, it was time for a career change, a life change.

She became certified in Animal Aromatherapy through Ashi Holistic Center in Banner Elk, NC and trained at the Pet massage Training and Research Institute in Toledo, where she became certified as a Pet massage Practitioner. Lori also wanted to create a truly all-natural line of pet grooming products. Her training in Animal Aromatherapy led her to create the Peaceful Paw product line.

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