Hello! I'm Emma, the owner and designer of Roxy & Co. Canine Accessories and this is my little sidekick Spanky. Owning a small business has been a dream of mine ever since I can remember, but it didn't take shape until last May when I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. During my final week at school I had visions of what I would do with my time while searching for a career job. That's when I envisioned what the Roxy & Co. brand is today- combining my two favorite things in life...dogs & design! If I'm not packaging orders or working on growing the business, I am usually volunteering for local animal rescues either transporting to vet appointments or fostering. It is important to me to use the Roxy & Co. platform to raise awareness for animals in need which is why 10% of every purchase is donated to reputable animal rescues through our "10% to Rescue" program. It always makes my day to receive a photo of a pup wearing one of my collars who lives all the way across the country and know that something good came out of it.

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