Okay, I’ll admit it! I am a Soap-Nut, who loves staying up into the wee hours of the morning stirring a cauldron of hot soap, while blasting bad eighties pop. I am a psychotherapist and empowerment coach by day, and a Soap Witch by night! Making soap allows me to connect with my creativity and provides a wonderful outlet for my “limited” artistic abilities! It also gives me the opportunity to engage with an incredible community of people, who support my vision of mind-body healing from the inside, out. We handcraft plant-based, small batch apothecary products that promote joyful, vibrant and healthy living, coupled with singing skin!!
Mood Indigo was birthed out of necessity when we discovered that my 5 year old daughter struggled with breathing issues and chronic allergies. The months of research that followed were shocking and confusing but led to my increasing interest in skin and respiratory health and the healing power of essential oils. As I experimented with textures and scents and created products chock full of healthy ingredients, my micro business grew and I had a deepening desire to share these products and my understanding of Mind-Body healing with others.
Our products are created with nothing but premium vegetable oils and butters, colored with clays, spices and botanicals and scented with quality essential oils and plant extracts.

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