House of Tocumen was created a year and a half ago, out of the need to find sustainable, durable home decor products within my limited budget. As a teacher and military wife, I know what it is, to try and  create a luxurious look at home, while also stretching the budget. I had a difficult time sourcing products that were budget friendly but would also stand up to the wear of my four boys and multiple moves. 

At House of Tocumen we specialize in curating a selection of hand made, vintage rugs and decor, that is made to stand the test of time. We have been lucky enough to create a network of women artisans, master weavers, and entrepreneurs from a Turkey and Morocco, that help us source quality products. We are passionate about working as much as possible with women and supporting other women of color in our business. When you buy from House of Tocumen, you are not only buying quality, durable products, you are helping to support a network of strong, independent women and their families. 

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