I'm just a girl who wanted to do something nice for a friend and ended up turning it into a small business... LOL! So I have always had a love for flowers but never really thought that I would end up working with them so much. One of my really good friends got married a couple years ago and paid sooo much money for her wedding flowers. Naturally once it was the end of the night, she started freaking out because she had no idea what to do with them and did not want them to go to waste. I felt super bad because the thought of saying bye to those beauties was kinda sad... She ended up getting shwastey so I ended up taking her bouquet home for her so I can *try* to surprise her with something. I did some research and stumbled upon resin art and immediately fell in love with it!!! I made my very first floral art that day, which was a display tray using her bouquet. She was filled with so much joy that it made me want to continue doing this for other brides! I totally get that not everyone has a special occasion to have flowers to preserve, so I wanted to have a collection available for everyone who just want some pretty flower keepsake in their house (:

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