As long as I can recall, I have been a maker. Whether it was making jewelry for friends, designing artful labels for my CD 'mix tapes', or applying decoupage to old acoustic guitars found at the thrift store - I have always been drawn to pattern, color and the marriage of form and function.
Desiring a “safe” career in the world of art, I moved to Los Angeles after high school and studied Graphic Design. Through chance I stumbled into the local fashion industry where I discovered my true passion; surface and textile design. Finally, my love of 60's dresses, wacky lamp shades and paisley doodles made sense! Over the years I have worked with high profile clients and companies, seeing my designs on celebrities and runways, home goods, luggage and even wine bottles. The feeling of seeing your creation come to life on an item with purpose is extremely satisfying, if not addicting.
Earlier this year when Covid hit, my “safe" career went south and I lost my job designing for a major retail department store here in Charlotte, NC. Never one to waste an opportunity, I immediately scanned in my personal collection of paintings from over the years and opened this Etsy Shop. It had long been a goal, but in the swift current of life I never seemed to have the time. Now that it has my full creative attention, my shop has become my refuge. And the ultimate way to express myself and share my colorful, optimistic view of the world with others through beautifully crafted, purposeful items.
After the somewhat surprising success of my first few months in business, I am pouring my heart and soul into growing my shop and building a lasting, authentic brand. I am encouraged that Etsy could provide a platform for me to support myself and my family by continuing to do what I love most.
The Aaryn West shop currently offers high quality giclee art prints, original watercolors, stationary, and one of a kind hand dyed garments. I strive to limit our footprint by using recycled packaging where possible, and source local partners on any items not produced entirely in my studio.

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